Xfinity Home Security Requirements

While it`s not cheap, $50 a month is a good deal for total home protection, as well as smart home automation and advanced video options. Brands like Vivint and ADT charge around $60 per month for similar monitoring plans. When I first reviewed Xfinity Home in 2017, I was already an Xfinity Internet and TV customer and was using SimpliSafe for the security of my home. However, after my review, I liked the combination of security and smart home features so much that I signed up for Xfinity Home. However, I gave up its internet and TV services. I am apparently, according to a Comcast representative, in a very small group of Xfinity Home subscribers who do not bundle it with any of its services. We work with trusted smart home devices that can be integrated into your system. So you can control your door locks, lights and more. All in one simple application. And remember, Comcast Xfinity is a well-known cable company.

We found that Comcast`s Internet Availability Zone covers 39 states and serves 111.6 million people,6 So it goes without saying that you shouldn`t have connectivity issues with your Comcast Xfinity home security system. The company is networked! Like most businesses, Xfinity Home Security uses professional monitoring to keep an eye on customers` security systems. Professional monitoring starts at $30 per month, but can be more expensive depending on location and other possible factors. That`s a higher price to pay for what Xfinity offers in terms of equipment and features, though it`s not outrageous compared to other systems. If you are considering Xfinity Home for your security needs, we recommend that you consider a package. Xfinity also offers TV, internet, and mobile phone services, and you can combine them with home services to get a discounted package. To repeat, you don`t need an Xfinity TV or internet service to get Xfinity Home. However, because the xFi gateway and docking station are designed to work together, bundling with Xfinity`s internet service offers benefits, a company representative said. For example, gateway security protection for your network extends to devices connected to it, including cameras. It also has an option to pause connections to devices on the network (I`ve used this feature a few times to limit my kids` screen time) that can be used to blacken your cameras if you want a little privacy.

If you change your Wi-Fi credentials, your Xfinity Home device will also be automatically updated. If your budget allows, we recommend biting the ball and buying the equipment directly. If you go this way, you`ll only pay $40 or $50 per month for Xfinity`s professional monitoring 24/7. We`ll dig deeper into the value of their monitoring plans, but you can expect features like smart home control, real-time alerts, live HD video, and a nifty feature that lets you control your security system with your TV remote.1 Get Xfinity Home, a complete home security solution with professional monitoring, advanced technology and easy control. Installed by experts and operated by Xfinity Internet. According to Shuvankar Roy, vice president of Xfinity Home Security & Automation at Comcast, more than 95% of smart home and security customers have bundled with other services such as TV and phone.¹ I`d say that with any new Wi-Fi router worth obsessing over, you get network security to protect your devices and the ability to block network access to specific devices. I definitely have these features on my personal router and had no trouble using it with Xfinity`s security equipment. That said, those who are already working with Xfinity Internet or are considering getting it can expect a seamless experience with Xfinity Home based on my sharing of the two. Once you`ve opted for safety equipment, you can expand your set with Xfinity`s Zen Thermostat and Power Outlet Control, which allow you to turn lights or small appliances on and off.

I really like the look of the Zen thermostat, it works well and is easy to use. (Oddly enough, the only people I had in my house who couldn`t use it were HVAC mechanics.) Plug controllers are nothing special, but a nice addition if, for example, you want to turn on a lamp when a door opens. Door and window sensors and motion sensors: nothing special. You place them where you need them most, and they help protect you like the sensors of any home security system. Xfinity Home Security starts at $29.99 per month and can be combined with other Xfinity services. Well, it would be nice if all you would have to pay was $15 or $20 a month for home security and automation. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Xfinity Home. Clients must also sign a two-year professional supervision contract. This agreement will cost you $40 or $50 more per month, bringing your total cost of equipment and monitoring to $55 per month at the lower end and $70 per month at the upper end if you fund your equipment. Xfinity is unique in the home security industry as prices fluctuate greatly depending on location.

The company treats home security prices in the same way as cable and internet costs. You will also soon be able to use Leviton Decora Zigbee light switches, dimmers and plug-in modules with an Xfinity Home security system. Many people underestimate the importance of a cellular connection and a backup battery that does not go away at the first signs of problems. Xfinity addresses these critical aspects of home security. On the other hand, you can also install WiFi-enabled cameras that are not part of a fully monitored system. You can access these cameras at any time from your smartphone or computer and check in at your home. Xfinity Home offers cloud-based storage for camera shooting, so you can easily find and view any previous photos you may have missed. Cameras can also be paired with motion sensors that send push notifications to your phone when they detect unusual movements in (or around) your home. We`ll discuss these two packages in more detail and describe exactly what you`re getting for the money.

But for now, it is important to know that these prices are about 15% above the industry average. These costs were not a deciding factor for us, as we expected Xfinity to work well with modern devices such as touchscreen control panels and advanced smart home automation features. In our experience, Comcast Xfinity Home has the equipment and monitoring plans to secure your home from top to bottom. The value is certainly there, especially considering their home automation and video surveillance features. We`ve scoured customer reviews to learn more about Xfinity`s services. Most of the criticism was scathing and included words and phrases such as „absolute waste,“ „one of the worst security systems of all time,“ „ridiculous,“ „useless,“ and „shameful.“ That`s not to say things couldn`t be better. While it`s easy to set up new rules, there simply aren`t many recipes to choose from. For example, the only linked thermostat is to receive a notification when it`s too hot or too cold in your home. For example, it cannot adjust temperatures based on motion detection. There are no camera recipes at all, so you can`t do anything like let the lights turn on when your porch camera picks up the activity. .