What Is Capability Statement for Job

Over time, you may see your competency statement evolve, with more A+ customer references, more robust core competencies, and stronger differentiators, but it all starts somewhere. Why not now? If done correctly, a capacity statement will inform your purpose about the services you provide. As a rule, it will also show what makes you different and hopefully better than other companies. If the direct benefits of working with your company can`t be clearly communicated, the agency`s decision-makers will find it hard to prefer your business to another. Answer the following questions when creating descriptions of what sets your business apart from others: Why are your products and services better solutions than others on the market? What is your company`s competitive advantage? As with a resume, a single competency statement does not match all opportunities. Entrepreneurs should consider creating a core competency statement that they can then tailor to specific projects and requirements. Know what your target audience wants to see for that particular submission. Depending on your company`s model, select the most relevant project histories, customer references, etc. And think about cutting what won`t be! A statement of competency must be very short and specific to the needs of the organization you are targeting. Preferably, it is only one side, one side.

Only go two ways if absolutely necessary. These are short statements that combine your company`s capabilities with the requirements of the respective authority and usually come in the form of bullets. It is important to note that this section should not describe everything your business has to offer, but only what is relevant to the agency it receives. A statement of capability is a formal document that informs the public about who you are as a business. It should be concise, informative and compelling. Think of it as your company`s resume. It shows what goods and services you can offer and introduces you. What is your goal? Do you include your statement of competencies in a proposal that you are writing in response to a government call for tenders? If so, consider the requirements of the specific government request you`re responding to and realize that your company needs to speak to each agency`s mission. In this one-page document, you need to show how your business is meeting the bill and highlight the strengths of the products or services you want to offer. When completing sections in your competency statement, consider how the information could be presented most clearly. Your overview paragraph should be in full sentences, but a section on NAICS codes should be included in bullet points. What about your core competencies? Well, it could go both ways.

A few well-designed phrases could go a long way in selling your expertise in a narrow field, but chips can more easily communicate a long list of domains. Always think about the reader. You`ve probably noticed that many departments seem to use the same features or slightly different versions of the same features in their job descriptions. Indeed, they are often based on the same „capacity framework“. Each state government across Australia has its own capacity framework and some large departments (such as health) have their own bespoke frameworks. The Australian civil service has the integrated leadership system, and local governments in each state also have their own frameworks. Each framework has its own capabilities, which in turn are divided into several components and behaviors. These can also change depending on the position level.

These are long and complicated documents that people often find confusing and difficult to follow. However, they are very important because each step of the recruitment process is based on the extent to which your experience matches the information it contains. Before you start writing, check to see if the government agency you`re applying to has any policies. Even the Best Capability Statement model will not work if it does not comply with established guidelines. As with everything else, do your due diligence on time. Skill instructions may seem daunting, but the hardest part might just be getting started. The best way to get your competency statement may be to put something on paper. .